World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: A Homely Lunch

Under the night sky.

Locke was walking down the street with a black VIP card in his hand.

It was the VIP card that the old man from the Chamber of Commerce had given him.

The VIP card had provided Locke with a 20% discount on purchasing materials from the Chamber of Commerce.

As a result, he had only used 98 million federal coins to purchase the materials, which was the price after the discount.

Locke was very satisfied with the price.

Locke had profited 155 million federal coins from the auction, and together with the school’s reward of 2 million federal coins, he had 157 million federal coins before his purchase.

This was a huge sum of money, but after spending it once, he was left with only 59 million federation coins.

It was considered a small surplus.

Due to the surplus, Locke was finally ready to purchase a house, and he had placed it on his immediate agenda.

After purchasing his materials, Locke returned home.


In the Battle Beast Treasure Tower’s Chamber of Commerce, the old man and the middle-aged man exchanged looks at each other.

Their eyes were filled with shock.

The youth they met was extremely wealthy.

98 million coins!

He had taken out 98 million coins without any hesitation.

He did not even frown.

“This young man bought three High Temperature Flame Crystals, one Scorching Lava Spirit, three milliliters of Wind Liquid, and three Windward Grass Roots!”

“We still need to request the Volcanic Dragon’s Eyeball from the New York branch. It will probably take three days. When that time comes, he will come back to get the goods!”

The old man pondered silently at the side.

Locke had given them a great shock. He was a top-tier customer.

Such huge transactions had only occurred a few times within a year.

It was enough to prove that Locke’s family was extremely rich.

It was for this reason that the Chamber of Commerce had decided to give them the highest-quality black VIP card. There were not many people with this black card. Those that held them were usually of noble status, and many of them were in the hands of famous Beastmasters.

The middle-aged man suddenly asked, “Elder, should we investigate his background?”


The old man had heard something that should not have been said.

With a grave expression, he stated, “There’s no need. We don’t need to investigate such a noble guest. He’ll appear whenever he wants to. If we investigate him on purpose, we’ll only anger him. So, we should just wait and see!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Also, if he comes to our Battle Beast Treasure Tower’s Chamber of Commerce again in the future, we’ll definitely give him the highest treatment!”

“That’s the reason we gave him the 20% after all. We needed to befriend him!”

“No, it’s more accurate to say that it was to avoid angering him!”

After the old man finished speaking, the middle-aged man fell into deep thought…

After returning home, Locke held up a thick and heavy book.

The name of the book was An Introduction to Beastmasters.

Locke read the book seriously.

The book contained all sorts of explanations regarding Beastmasters.

“Beastmasters are mankind’s backbone in the fight against foreign beasts.”

“All Beastmasters of mankind are divided into five tiers.”

“The respective tiers are bronze-tier Beastmasters, silver-tier Beastmasters, gold-tier Beastmasters, diamond-tier beastmasters, and last but not least, humanity’s greatest weapon, the divine-tier Beastmasters.”

“The higher the level of a Beastmaster, the stronger their Battle Beasts were.”

“Similarly, the higher the level of a Beastmaster, the more Battle Beasts they could control.”

After going through the book, Locke had gained a better understanding of the Beastmasters’ rankings.


He opened his status panel.

Then, an image appeared before his eyes.

[ Name: Locke ]

[ Level: bronze, 8-star. ]

[ Battle Beast: Divine rank Twin-headed White Jade Snake ]

[ Weapon: None ]

[ Skill: Unawakened ]

[ Talent: Able to keep three types of Battle Beasts regardless of tier. ]

[ Talent description[1]: You can awaken a talent every time you advance a tier. The talent you awaken is unknown. ]

Locke stared excitedly at the System’s description.

He was overjoyed.

‘I’m only a bronze-tier Beastmaster, but I’m already able to control three types of Battle Beasts! Plus, once I’ve become a silver-tier Beastmaster, I’ll be able to awaken another talent!’

‘I’m really looking forward to it!’

After all, ordinary people could only possess stronger Battle Beasts after they had reached higher tiers.

Locke returned to his bed and sat cross-legged on top of it.

He felt the amount of mana coursing through his body.

Mana was the foundation of Beastmasters. The quantity of their mana affected the duration that their Battle Beasts could stay in combat.

Furthermore, the strength of the Battle Beasts was also directly proportional to the amount of mana their owners had.

As the Beastmaster grows, so too would their Battle Beasts’ strength.

Moreover, the greater the Beastmaster’s quantity of mana, the more Battle Beasts they could control.

There were even rumors that some powerful Beastmasters were able to command an entire army’s worth of Battle Beasts in battle.

However, there was also a downside to having an army. After all, controlling an army’s worth of Battle Beasts had necessitated a vast amount of mana as well.

Therefore, it was impossible for every single Battle Beast to be very powerful.

Locke detected the amount of mana he possessed.

To his surprise, he realized that his mana supply was abnormally huge. It was not something an 8-star bronze Beastmaster should own.

Locke pondered.


He thought of something.

He slapped his thigh and exclaimed, “That’s right. My talent allows me to control more Battle Beasts!”

“To be able to control more Battle Beasts, I must possess a huge amount of magic power.”

“I see, I see.”


“That’s more like it.”

“That’s more reasonable. By possessing a huge amount of mana, I’m far more powerful than the ordinary Beastmasters who could only control a single Battle Beast in combat.”

With that thought in mind,.

Locke entered a meditative state once more.

Once his consciousness entered his body, he felt his mana core.

Every Beastmaster’s mana was stored in the mana core in their body.

Locke’s mana core was in the shape of a crystal, and it emanated a bronze glow.

His mana core was filled to eight-tenths of its volume.

It represented Locke’s current strength.

Nevertheless, Locke’s total mana was already comparable to 7 or 8-starred silver Beastmasters.

He exited the meditative state.

Realizing the extent of his strength, Locke was filled with newfound passion for the new world he was in.

With such a powerful System on his side, it was only natural for him to be strong.


Locke laughed loudly.

He was in a great mood.

He looked at the time on his watch.

It was already twelve o’clock.

He walked out of his room and shouted, “Mom, Dad, is the food ready?”

As the sound of his voice faded,.

His father, Big Beardy, walked out of the kitchen.

He looked at his son and revealed a doting smile.

His son had a powerful divine rank Battle Beast.

He had a bright future ahead of him.

Thinking about how promising his son was, Big Beardy’s heart was filled with joy.

He said to Locke, “It’s almost ready. Your mother is making the last dish. Since you’ve successfully hatched a divine rank Battle Beast, your mother is cooking a delicious feast to celebrate.”

Seeing how happy his father was, Locke was also happy.

In his previous life, he was a sloppy young man with nothing to do. His parents had been worried sick about him.

Locke secretly swore to himself that since the heavens had given him a second chance, he would definitely become strong.

He would make his parents happy, he would make himself known to the masses.

That was why he had to become a powerful Beastmaster.

These thoughts had filled Locke’s heart with renewed vigor.

“The dishes are ready, the dishes are ready.”

“It’s time to eat, Locke. Big Beardy, come over and eat.”

Locke’s mother’s loving voice rang out, and her voice was filled with unmistakable emotions.

They were of relief and happiness.

Locke and his father quickly arrived at the dining table.

The table was filled with dishes, and they were all Locke’s favorites.

“Come, son, these are all your favorite foods.”

Locke’s mother spoke again, and her eyes were filled with anticipation.

Locke grabbed a seat without any hesitation.

He then picked up a bowl of rice and immediately devoured the food on the table.

While eating, Locke did not forget to talk.

“Mom’s cooking is still the best. It’s Delicious.”

Locke’s parents looked happily at Locke.

Their eyes were filled with love.

“Eat slowly, eat slowly. There’s no need to rush.”

“Don’t choke yourself.”

His mother said with a smile.

Then, the two parents sat down and started eating as well.

Sometime later, Locke burped.

“I’m full.”

With that, the homely lunch ended on a perfect note.

[1] Although the description does not fit the talent, this is what the original text states.

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