World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Thousand-year-old Snow Fungus

The old man before Locke was also concerned about his safety.

Thus, Locke could not bring himself to get mad at the old man.

Calmly, he explained to the old man,

“Don’t worry. I’m a silver-tier Beastmaster. Once I enter the battlefield, I’ll just stroll around the outer area and won’t go deep inside.”

When the old man heard Locke claim of being a silver-tier beastmaster, his expression gradually changed from calm to shock.

‘How come I’ve never heard of such a young silver-tier Beastmaster?’

‘He might be a genius from a powerful family.’

The old man thought to himself.

He then said to Locke, “Alright.”

“Since you insist on entering, then go in and give it a try.”

“Just remember, never enter the depths, because there are many second and third stage Daemons in the depths.”

“There are even fourth stage Daemons in there. If you stubbornly venture deep into the battlefield, you might encounter these fourth stage Daemons.”

“If that were to happen, all we can do for you is to collect your corpse.”

Locke nodded frantically at the old man.

He thanked the old man.

Then he took the number plate and quickly ran into the ancient battlefield.

The old man looked at Locke’s disappearing figure.

He could not help but shake his head.

“Young people nowadays are always impatient.”

The old man said with a tinge of exasperation.

Locke had arrived at the silver-tier ancient battlefield.

As he observed the environment, he realized that the silver-tier training grounds had given off a much more oppressive atmosphere as compared to the bronze-tier one.

An ordinary person would probably be scared away by this oppressive environment before they had even encountered combat.

Locke summoned his three Battle Beasts.

A seven-meter-long Twin-headed White Jade Snake.

A humanoid beast with wings, the Wings of the Sky.

There was also the Infinite Fire Element whose body was composed of flames.

It floated in the air.

Locke ordered the Wings of the Sky and the Infinite Fire Element:


The Wings of the Sky morphed into a green light and entered Locke’s body.

Then, a pair of dark green wings grew out of Locke’s back.

This was the change that the Wings of the Sky had brought to Locke.

With the Wings of the Sky infusion, Locke was able to use Windy Haste and Strangle.

On the other hand, the Infinite Fire Elements had morphed into a blazing red spear.

It appeared in Locke’s hand.

Locke attempted to lift the spear.

To his surprise, he was unable to feel any weight.

This was the benefit of contracted Battle Beasts.

Had anyone else picked up the spear, they would not be able to lift it up.

Feeling the power of the divine fire spear, Locke could not wait to massacre some Daemons.

Locke had given names to all three of his Battle Beasts.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake was called Lil’ White.

The Wings of the Sky was called Lil’ Breeze.

The Infinite Fire Element weapon was called the Fire God’s Spear.

And the normal form of the Infinite Fire Element was called Lil’ Flame.

Lil’ White was the vanguard, Fire God’s Spear was in hand, and Lil’ Breeze was guarding his back and was serving as his wings.

With the formation set and his equipment armed, Locke then headed into the depths of the forest.


A huge Daemon appeared in front of Locke.

Locke stared at the gargantuan beast before him.

He quickly recognized it.

It was a high level Stage 2 Daemon, a Tiger Daemon.

It was the perfect practice target.

Locke was honestly pretty lucky.

He ordered Lil’ White to guard his back.

Following that, he shouted, “Windy Haste.”

His turquoise wings were activated instantly, and he charged towards the tiger.

With the aid of Windy Haste, Locke’s speed was off the charts.

He brought the Fire God’s Spear forward, and stabbed the Tiger Daemon.

Locke’s speed was too fast.

Before the Tiger Daemon could react, it was sent flying.

However, the Tiger Daemon’s defenses were pretty sturdy.

Locke’s attack did not do much damage to it.

Instead, it had served to enrage the Tiger Daemon.

With an angry roar, the Tiger Daemon then charged straight towards Locke.

It swiped it huge claws at Locke.

However, Locke had easily dodged the attack with Windy Haste’s agility.

He nimbly turned to the side of the Tiger Daemon, and stabbed the Tiger Daemon’s back. Accompanied by a pained howl, the Tiger Demon Beast kicked backwards and sent Locke flying.

Seizing the opportunity, the Tiger Daemon chased after the hurtling Locke.

Locke shouted, “Strangle!”

The Wings of the Sky behind Locke unleashed countless wind blades at the Tiger Daemon that was going after him.

The Tiger Daemon instantly fell to the ground.

Under the Strangle attack’s barrage, several wounds had been slashed open on the Tiger Daemon’s body.

Locke rushed towards the Tiger Daemon that had fallen to the ground.

After landing one more strike on the Tiger Daemon, it finally persihed.

Killing the beast was a thrilling experience for Locke, and as a result, it had also amplified his desire for power.

After killing the Tiger Daemon, Locke ventured even deeper into the forest.

The ancient forest battlefield was filled with a dangerous aura.

After all, the monsters could strike from any direction, and they could take one’s life at any moment.

As such, it was extremely dangerous to attempt ancient battlefields alone.

Nevertheless, Locke was unperturbed as he continued looking for targets.

Suddenly, he heard the roar of a Daemon.

Following the source of the sound, Locke soon encountered its source.

It was a Stage 4 Daemon, a Crimson Python.

Moreover, the Crimson Python had appeared to be injured.

The python’s body was covered with bite wounds.

In front of the giant Crimson Python stood three high-level Stage 3 Fire Wolves.

Locke was curious why three high-level Stage 3 Fire Wolves would attack a Stage 4 Crimson Python.

Suddenly, a plant had caught his gaze.

He had seen that plant in a book before.

It was a Thousand-year-old Snow Fungus.

The plant had great benefits for Daemons.

It would allow Daemons to quickly advance to a higher stage.

For example, if a low level Stage 3 Daemon were to consume the Snow Fungus, they would instantly be promoted to a high level Stage 3 Daemon.

‘No wonder these three high-level Stage 3 Fire Wolves had engaged the Crimson Python in combat.’

‘It was for this Thousand-year-old Snow Fungus.’

Similarly, the Thousand-year-old Snow Fungus was also very beneficial to Battle Beasts.

Locke stared at the Thousand-year-old Fungus with eyes of greed.

With Locke’s current strength, dealing with a Stage 3 Fire Wolves was still too much for him.

Facing three fire wolves, Locke didn’t have any confidence at all.

Although he had three divine Battle Beasts, their levels were quite low.

Lil’ White was at the first level of Stage 2, whereas the other two were at Level 1, Stage 1.

The difference in strength was too great.

If Locke wanted to obtain the Thousand-year-old Snow Fungus, his only chance was for the two parties to take each other out.

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