World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Alarming The Principal, Top-notch Meditation Technique!

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The old principal’s words surprised both Locke and the homeroom teacher.

“You actually have this kind of authority?”

Theoretically speaking, no ordinary had the authority to look at the encrypted divine rank data. In general, only the top ten percent of people had access to it.

It was very obvious that a school principal did not belong to this category.

“This isn’t a big deal. Back when I was younger, I went to the battlefield and earned a lot of military merits, so my authority is a little higher.”

“On the other hand, there haven’t been many divine rank Battle Beasts from the Forest Series in the Federation for the past ten years.”

“The reason is very simple. The Forest Series wasn’t a powerful series to begin with, and as such, there aren’t many Forest Series divine rank Battle Beasts.”

After gently stroking his long beard, the principal said with a slightly melancholic tone.

“Back when you were younger, did you…”

The homeroom teacher wanted to ask a few more questions, but he was directly interrupted by the old principal.

“Alright, that’s all in the past. No more delaying. Right now, all I want to know is what kind of existence this Battle Beast is!”

The principal brought the bracelet on his wrist to the white snake. Very quickly, a projection appeared in front of them.

[ Beast name: ? ? ? ]

[ Beast grade: Rose Gold Divine Rank ]

[ Beast type: Skill-based ]

[ Beast attribute: ? ? ? ]

[ Beast level: Level 1, Stage 3]

[ Beast talent: ? ? ? ]

[ Beast skill: ? ? ? ]

[ Note: The bracelet’s authority is either insufficient, or the Federation Government’s database does not have any details on this beast. As such, the bracelet can only judge the Battle Beast from its appearance! ]

“Didn’t you say that this bracelet has the authority to access the divine rank Battle Beasts’ database?”

The results were the same as before.

Seeing this, the homeroom teacher could not help but ask in confusion.

“That’s right! There is no problem with my authority!”

“Then what exactly is going on?”

“Could it be that it is a divine rank Battle Beast that has not been recorded in our Federal Government’s database?”

“Hmm, the possibility of that is very high!”

The old principal paused for a moment, and replied after giving it some thought.

“Putting aside the fact that most Beastmasters in the Federation only use Forest Series Battle Beasts as supporters, by default, Forest Series Battle Beasts aren’t valued highly. As such, it’s normal that there are fewer of them.”

“And this Battle Beast is also very special. I’ve never seen a small snake with two heads before.”

“It might be a completely new race, so this Battle Beast is filled with unknown potential!”

“Perhaps only the owner of this Battle Beast, Locke would know its detailed information. This is a good thing. It will have a big advantage in future battles!”

“That’s great!”

After saying that, the homeroom teacher turned to look at Locke.

“You must properly nurture this divine rank Battle Beast. It is priceless!”

Locke knew this all too well. Plus, with the System, everything was under his control.

Forget the Battle Beast’s name and skills!

He even knew the divine rank evolution paths of the Battle Beast in the future.

The only problem, however, was that the high-grade materials required had given him a real headache.

Even if he disregarded the future evolutions, the previous evolution alone was already equivalent to spending 4 million federal coins.

As a child from an average family, money was a huge issue for him.

At this moment, the old principal spoke.

“Alright, I might’ve failed to obtain the details regarding your Battle Beast, but I can reward you in other ways!”

The old principal said slowly with a smile hanging on his face.

There was no doubt that Locke had claimed glory for the school. As the principal of this school, it was only normal for him to be happy.

“What kind of reward?”

Hearing the old principal’s words, Locke’s eyes lit up.

He had known since long ago that those who obtained rare or epic rank Battle Beasts were deemed worthy of being nurtured by the school, and as a result, they would be rewarded with plenty of resources.

The goal was to boost the school’s university admission rates. They hoped by providing these resources, the students would become model students that would ace the college entrance exams and enter a good university.

“Your situation is a little different…”

“After all, you hatched a divine rank battle beast. In truth, I only need to report this incident, and all kinds of first-rate universities will immediately come after you. Heck, even top academies will jump at the chance to recruit you!”

“So, you can actually choose not to participate in the next college entrance exam. In other words, these next few months don’t mean much to you!”

When the principal put it this way, Locke mentally celebrated. However, a moment later, he became worried.

“Wait… Principal, are you thinking of going back on your word?”

The old principal was rendered speechless. He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“No way! I’m not that kind of person!”

“Although you’re already certain to enter a first-rate university or even a top-tier university, it still doesn’t change the fact that you’ve hatched a divine rank Battle Beast!”

“This is the first time it has happened since our school’s establishment. Do you understand the gravity of this incident?”

“It would greatly improve our school’s reputation!”

“How could I not give you a reward!”

Upon this, the old principal fell silent as if he was thinking of a reward.

After three full minutes.

The old principal spoke again.

“2 million federal coins, treat this as a scholarship!”

“You’re also allowed to choose a type of Beast Egg, just one! This is a reward for your outstanding performance!”

“Also, the Mana Meditation Technique!”

Upon hearing the rewards given by the old principal, both Locke and his homeroom teacher were dumbfounded.

“Old Principal, you can’t be joking, right?”

“2 million federal coins is ten times the amount you reward an epic rank Battle Beast student!”

“Also! Regarding that Beast Egg of his choosing, you have to know that some rare Beast Eggs are not just priced at 1 million, some can even go for more than 5 million! Or even tens of millions!”

He was going to give it to Locke just like that?

That was not all.

The most ridiculous thing was the Mana Meditation Technique. It was a technique that that no amount of money could buy!

The so-called Mana Meditation Technique was a technique that could quickly recover one’s mana points. To Beastmasters, one’s mana was just as important as physical prowess, and it was also the source of all their strength.

Mana was extremely important!

Therefore, the importance of the Mana Meditation Technique had gone without saying!

For students like Locke, the mana cultivation techniques that they learned during the three years of high school were only average at best. Not only was the cultivation speed slow, but the recovery speed was also slow. Furthermore, the upper limit was also low!

Nevertheless, the Mana Meditation Technique was a technique that far surpassed those limitations.

It was a treasure that lived up to its name.

The old principal is going to give it away just like that?

There was another point that was worth noting. The old principal actually possessed a Mana Meditation Technique?

As a homeroom teacher, how could he not know the inner workings of the school? How could he not know that there was a Mana Meditation Technique?

Clearly, this was a reward from the old principal’s own coffers!

“Old Principal… aren’t these rewards too…”

The homeroom teacher did not continue.

Faced with these ridiculous rewards, even the recipient, Locke, was a little hesitant to accept.

He wondered if the old principal had ulterior motives!

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