World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Beast Tide Is Coming!

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The girl had a pale pink complexion and her face was very beautiful.

If she dressed up a little, she would definitely be an impressive beauty.

Locke had a vague recollection of her.

“I remember that she often sells flowers in this place! She’s so young, but her business proficiency is really high!”

“From the looks of it, her family’s situation isn’t very good. She might even be an orphan.”

“Hmm, that might be the case. It’s pretty common in this world, right?”

“But this girl’s always headfirst into danger. She’s lucky just to be alive.”

Hearing the gossip of the people around him, Locke could not help but shake his head.

Compared to the girl’s hardships, Locke suddenly felt much better of his own background.

“Get out of my way! Don’t block my path!”


A person’s voice rang out.

Then, Locke saw a man push the girl away and caused her to take a few steps back. The coins in her pocket had also dropped onto the ground.

“If you don’t want to buy, then just say so. Why are you so mad?”

While picking up the dropped coins, she muttered to herself.

However, she soon regained her smile and resumed her efforts to sell her lucky fruit.

Locke looked over, and his gaze fell on the man who was already a long way ahead. After pushing the girl away, the man hurriedly left the scene as if something terrifying was chasing after him.

Locke paid no heed to his behavior.

Instead, he walked straight to the girl’s side.

“Let me draw a lucky fruit!”

Noticing that a customer had arrived, and a handsome one at that, the girl immediately beamed with joy.

“Thank you, two federal coins please!”

Now that Locke had millions on him, he saw no reason to be stingy. He immediately took out a dozen or so coins from his pocket and said, “I’ll buy a couple of them. With my Luck, I’ll definitely draw the lucky fruit!”

“Big Brother is very confident!”

Seeing so many coins, the girl quickly revealed a toothy grin.

The lucky fruit was actually a kiwi fruit that was found in the wild. The only difference was that it had absorbed the mana from the wild, and as a result, it had a certain medicinal effect that was of no use to Locke.

The reason why he wanted to draw the fruit a few times was because he wanted to help this girl.

Moreover, he also wanted to use the opportunity to see whether his luck applied to other things.

That said, Locke did not choose anything. Instead, the divine beast selected a random box from the flower basket.

She opened it and took a look.

A green fruit with long fur appeared before them.

“Wow! Your luck is really good! You got it in one draw!”

“That’s Amazing!”

After saying that, the girl inspected Locke carefully. A thought seem to have crossed her mind. “Hmm? Isn’t that the school uniform of the No. 2 Beastmaster Middle School?”

“That can’t be right! Today is the Beast Egg Hatching Ceremony for the third year students. You shouldn’t have left school so early.”

Locke said with a smile as he opened more boxes.

“My luck today is pretty good. I hatched a high rank Battle Beast during the ceremony and because of it, I’m allowed to return early.”

“Wow! That’s amazing! Could it be a rare rank Battle Beast? Brother, you’re so strong!”

“No wonder you’re so confident! It turns out that you’re really lucky!”

The girl had only considered a rare rank Battle Beast.

She dared not even think of the higher ranks.

“Not bad.”

“I got it again.”

The next box that Locke opened had contained a kiwi as well.

“You actually drew it again!”

The girl’s mouth was agape. This was the first time she had met such a lucky person!

It had to be said that the brother in front of her was not only handsome, but also very easy to talk to. At the same time, his luck was also very good.

“My Brother is also from your school. I wonder whether he’ll share the same luck as you today.”

The two chatted for a while.

Soon, Locke used up all his remaining draws.

Naturally, he had obtained the last lucky fruit as well.

This time, however…

The girl had a blank expression.

She was a little unhappy.

The reason for this was simple.

With only a mere dozen coins, the lucky fruits in her basket had already been cleared out. How could she profit from this!

Originally, she had planned to make at least 30 to 40 coins from this venture.

But now…

She had only made a dozen or so coins!


Lorca was at a loss. He originally planned to help the girl, but he seemed to have bankrupted her instead.

However, Locke also realized that the System’s luck stat was also useful in this aspect!

In fact, the lower the value of an item was, the stronger the effect.

The probability of getting rewards with minimal investment was huge!

For a moment…

There was an awkward tension among the two. Locke wanted to put the lucky fruit back, but he was unable to come out with an excuse.

After all, it was just his luck.


The awkward atmosphere did not last long. Soon after, they were interrupted by a ruckus originating close by.

Locke turned to the direction of the noise.

At the edges of the sky, a dark cloud-like object was flying over at high speeds.

A huge explosion resounded throughout the slums.

“This is bad!”

“It’s a swarm of Poison Wasps!”

“There are so many of them! There’s at least tens of millions of them!”

“What should we do? With such a large-scale invasion of Otherworld beasts, it feels like the outer city is about to be breached!”

“This is a disaster! We have to report it quickly! Otherwise, we’re doomed!”

“Could it be because of the Beast Tide last night?”

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