Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1631 - You Are My Little Love Song (198)

Chapter 1631: You Are My Little Love Song (198)

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This was the first time Qin Siting had scolded Old Zhou. He was stunned for a moment before becoming angry. “F*ck, even if you don’t f*cking like women, if I say that this beautiful lady is your girlfriend, she should be at a disadvantage, right? Besides, this lady is so beautiful. If you’re familiar with her, you can consider it. Why do you have to be a ten-thousand-year-old bachelor?”

When Shi Niange heard this, she turned to look out of the window.

Qin Siting also turned back to look at Old Zhou. “You came to find me for something?”

Good god, he was avoiding the topic.

Old Zhou found it strange. This woman looked very good and beautiful. Usually, Qin Siting was too high up in the air. Even the beautiful doctors in the hospital felt that they were much inferior to him. It was rare for him to see a woman who looked very compatible with him. In the end, Qin Siting’s attitude was as though a cat had stepped on him. It was really rare for him to be sharp.

“Ah, isn’t it already dark? You’re not on duty today, are you? Aren’t I dating Doctor Little He from the Department of Internal Medicine? I wanted to bring her to watch a movie tonight, but she’s on duty. I wanted to look for you to see if you could take her shift. Help her, and then the two of you will swap next time.”

Qin Siting glanced at him in shock. “You can do big things without saying anything. When did you start dating Little He?”

“Oh, all the female doctors in the Department of Internal Medicine have long given up on an iceberg like you. There are so many outstanding male doctors in our hospital. They can’t be infatuated with you every day, can they? We’ve already taken a liking to each other. Isn’t this just the beginning? We need to make an appointment to promote our relationship. As doctors, it’s too difficult for us to date… So, during this shift….”

Qin Siting waved his hand impatiently. “All right, I’m on duty tonight. You guys go.”

“Okay!” Old Zhou happily pushed his eyes away. Then, he turned to look at Shi Niange, who was sitting on the sofa. “Beauty, our hospital has many outstanding male doctors. What’s your relationship with Doctor Qin? If you like doctors, I can introduce you to other outstanding young men. Don’t consider an ice mountain like Old Qin. I suspect that he’s not interested in women.”

Qin Siting thought that he was farting and did not say anything. He threw the medical record he had just taken back onto the table and looked back at Old Zhou expressionlessly.

Old Zhou saw that Qin Siting seemed to be even harder to offend than usual. In any case, he had already achieved his goal of helping his girlfriend to go off duty. He quickly left. Before leaving, he even waved in Shi Niange’s direction. Shi Niange did not look at him. Her eyes were looking out of the window. Old Zhou was embarrassed and slipped away. He even kindly closed the door.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, Shi Niange turned back.

Qin Siting also looked at her expressionlessly.

The two of them stared at each other in silence for several seconds. Qin Siting then glanced at the bottle of medicine that had just been opened. “You cleaned it yourself?”

Shi Niange answered calmly, “En.”

Qin Siting calmly said, “Go check the rest of your body to see if there are any residual effects from the car crash.”

“There’s no need. I’m well aware of my own body’s condition. At that time, Wen Ke suddenly rushed over in the car to help me block it. Aside from a small injury on my leg, there’s no problem.” Shi Niange’s voice remained unchanged. “Thank you, Doctor Qin, for providing me with a consultation room to clean up.”

Hearing her words, Qin Siting did not let her continue to check.

Shi Niange didn’t look so disheveled now. She felt that it shouldn’t be a problem for her to return to the company under such circumstances. She was about to leave.

Suddenly, there was another knock on his office door, but this time, the person outside was politely knocking. Qin Siting said, “Come in.”

Then, the door opened, and a young nurse came in. At first, the nurse did not see Shi Niange. She only looked at Qin Siting, who was at the desk, and said, “Doctor Qin, just now, Doctor Zhou said that you were on shift again tonight, right? Then, will you order takeaway boxes from the hospital’s cafeteria like before? Will you eat meat or vegetarian food today? I am helping several doctors on shift on the sixteenth floor to order takeaway.”

Qin Siting seemed only to notice now that it was dinner time.

He glanced at the time. “Sure.”

“Okay. Doctor Qin, do you want more meat or vegetarian food today? I heard that there are new dishes in the hospital cafeteria…”

Before the nurse could finish her words, she suddenly noticed another person in the consulting room. When she saw that it was a woman, she was stunned.

Shi Niange saw that this young nurse was not the one at the reception desk but someone else. She only glanced at her and did not speak.

Qin Siting said, “One meat dish and one vegetable dish.”

The nurse and Shi Niange turned to look at him almost at the same time.

The young nurse was surprised. “Ah? Do you want two?”

Qin Siting: “Is there a problem?”

“Ah, no, what I mean is… Doctor Qin, why did you ask for two boxes?”

Qin Siting indifferently pointed his chin at the expressionless Shi Niange sitting on the sofa. “Isn’t there another person? Am I supposed to eat while she watches?”

“Oh.” The young nurse was still surprised, but she did not dare to ask more. She only secretly glanced at Shi Niange.

Shi Niange: “…No need. I’ll leave in a while.”

Before she could finish speaking, Qin Siting glanced at the nurse by the door. “One meat dish and one vegetable dish. Thank you.”

The young nurse came back to herself and saw that Doctor Qin’s gaze was already very cold. She quickly nodded. “All right, all right. I’ll go get it right away.” After speaking, she quickly closed the door and ran away.

Silence returned to the consulting room. Shi Niange frowned and said, “I’m not eating. There’s no need to order takeaway for me. I’ll leave immediately.”

Qin Siting sat behind his desk. He typed on the keyboard and entered the drug ingredients and infusion ratio on a laboratory test. He said indifferently, “Since the accident this morning, you haven’t eaten anything. Leave after eating.”

“No, I’m not hungry.”

Qin Siting remained in his working state and did not speak. He clearly did not wish to continue speaking nonsense with her.

Shi Niange stood up and was about to leave, but she recalled what he had said this morning. She turned to look at him angrily. “Qin Siting, don’t you think that the person who is sick is yourself? Didn’t you scold me for being heartless? Do you have to treat someone like me to lunch?”

Qin Siting did not respond, but his hands had already left the keyboard. He turned to look at her.

Of course, his gaze was not gentle, nor did it contain any sympathy.

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